Phoenix Resources Sp. z o. o. implements a project under the Regional Operational Program of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020

Number and name of the Priority Axis of the ROP WM: III Development of innovative potential and entrepreneurship

Number and name of Measures under the Priority Axis of ROP WM 2014-2020: 3.3 Innovations in SMEs

Institution to which the application was submitted: Mazowiecka Unit for the Implementation of EU Programmes

Project title:

Launching new products on the market as a result of R&D work on advanced aerogel nanomaterials with a reduced carbon footprint for use in modern thermal insulation and other products, as well as transport containers for thermal sensitive substances, e.g. drugs, insulin and more.

Project description:

The project concerns the introduction to the market and the applicant’s offer of new products resulting from R&D works – advanced aerogel nanomaterials with a reduced carbon footprint, for use in modern thermal insulation and other products, and transport containers for thermo-sensitive substances, e.g. drugs, blood, insulin, food and more.

The project includes the purchase of technological equipment necessary for the production of new products – aerogels with a reduced carbon footprint, as well as own containers for transporting materials sensitive to temperature changes. The implementation of new products is the result of the applicant’s own R&D works, the results of which enable the implementation of the requested production investment.

The following works will be carried out as part of the project: purchase and installation of equipment for the production of aerogels along with innovative solutions for the recovery of substrates from production, in order to close the material cycle, minimize waste and rational raw material management. In addition, the premises will be adapted to the requirements of aerogel production and taking into account health and safety.

In addition, in order to ensure continuity of power supply and maximize the use of energy from RES in the production process, the solar power plant owned by the applicant will be retrofitted with a battery, which will reduce the carbon footprint.

The project includes product and process innovations resulting from the applicant’s own research. New innovative nanomaterial products will be introduced to the offer, the recipients of which will be Polish companies from many sectors, including producers of insulation materials, architectural glazing, electronic devices, health and safety products, thermal insulation for high and low temperatures, the space sector, and many other industries in the province. Mazowieckie and Poland. The new products are characterized by the highest insulating properties and very low weight, which makes them unique modern nanomaterials for many applications.

Total value of the project: PLN 1,239,800.00

Eligible expenses: PLN 1,015,000.00

EU funding: PLN 812,000.00

Project implementation period: from 03/04/2023 to 29/12/2023